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Stephen Heckeroth
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Stephen Heckeroth
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Dear electric tractor enthusiast,

I am sending you this letter because you have expressed interest in electric tractors. I am currently looking for potential buyers, investors and input on niche markets, as well as people and organizations who are willing to do field testing.

I have been working on alternatives to fossil fuel use in both my private and professional life since 1970. I have a degree in architecture and I have been designing and building solar homes for the past 25 years. My homestead is powered by a 3 kW photovoltaic array. It provides enough energy to charge the batteries of my electric car and electric tractor for the 8 months of the year that correspond to the growing season.

In 1992 I started an electric vehicle company. After doing several electric vehicle conversions a search for a light weight chassis turned up a fiberglas replica kit of the 1955 Porsche Spyder. The electrification of these kits was very successful. The Electric Spyders I produced won many rallies and races. The high performance version did 0 to 60 mph in 8 seconds, topped out at 130 mph, and had 120 mile range at 45 mph with inexpensive and recyclable golf cart batteries.

I have used tractors and heavy equipment in both construction and agriculture and have always been bothered by the noise and pollution they produce, as well as the inconvenience of refueling and constant maintenance they require. This is why I started working on electric tractors about 5 years ago.

Finally, these electric tractors will not require large capital intensive manufacturing facilities but can be assembled in any small shop. Following are the tractor's specifications and performance information. Price will be vary dependent on quantity. The estimated cost for a tractor in limited production is $25,000. I hope you will see the potential that solar charged electric tractors offer for increased productivity without diminished environmental quality. I look forward to any input you may have.


     -- Stephen Heckeroth

About the Solar Electric Tractor Designer and Inventor
     Stephen Heckeroth has been working on alternatives to fossil fuel use in both his private and professional life since 1970. He has a degree in architecture and has been designing and building solar homes for the past 25 years. In 1975, he founded Stephen Heckeroth to sell and install renewable energy products. In 1992, he started an electric vehicle company and after doing several electric vehicle conversions, he built a line of electric fiberglas kit cars based on the James Dean 550 Porsche. The electric Porsche Spyder replicas have a 120 mile range, a top speed of 110 mph, and go 0 to 60 in 8 seconds. His personal transportation is an electric Type III Karman Ghia with a 70 mile range.
     His company has been doing electric tractor conversions since 1993, and has become an internationally recognized consultant on industrial and agricultural electric equipment. In 1996-97, Ford-New Holland commissioned Stephen Heckeroth to build an electric tractor prototype. In 1997-98, a Japanese company, Eifrig Ltd. of Nagoya, commissioned another prototype. A fully functional design of the solar electric tractor was completed in July of 1998 and several provisional patent applications filed in August of 1998.
     Heckeroth is also internationally known for his expertise in solar building design. He received a national design award in 1992. His work has appeared on television and in print in the US, Canada, Europe, and Japan. He frequently gives lectures at educational institutions and trade conferences. He is a founding Board Member of Solar Connections, a California 501 C3 Established to promote solar energy. Heckeroth lives with his family in Northern California on a homestead that is powered by a 3 kW roof integrated photovoltaic array. The sun provides enough energy to charge the batteries of his electric cars and tractors for the eight months of the year that correspond to the growing season and power his home all year long.

Market strategy
     The Solar Electric Tractor will not require large capital intensive manufacturing facilities, but can be assembled in any small shop. Consequently , minimal time and investment is needed to get the tractor to the market. Furthermore, the solar electric tractor's PTO and 3-point -hitch are fully compatible will existing Category I implements. The challenge of getting any new product to the market is increasing quantity to decrease price. Stephen Heckeroth is actively pursuing funding options to offset the high initial cost of low volume production, and is anxious to hear from people and organizations interested in investing, buying, or field testing the Solar Electric Tractor now or in the future.


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